Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A very LONG day....

Went for a whole days training 121 and it was just fab, decided to take Popi and pups too as always good for them to take a road trip and the new van (have I said how much I LOVE it?) for a journey too!

Pups were fantastic, took everything in their lil strides and played very happily once we arrived. Slept all the way and not a peep....I hope they behave like this when they go to their new homes. In the last litter Popi x Reef there was definately a more sensitive pup that we homed at 7 weeks that showed fairly early on whilst they were with us and I really tried hard to make sure we did everything possible to help them and allow them to adjust evenly, nothing major however as a responsible breeder you should be aware of this. This pup was sensitive to mood and to a degree noise, which is why I always choose to endorse litters as I think you need to be aware of the types you are breeding and how they will adjust in later life - however this litter really have no sensitive monkeys - they are full on and HARD WORK! They will not be for people who want an easy ride - madness! They tug like troopers, chase toys and pounce like mad things. It also shows you that you can never guarantee what you are going to get - this litter seem VERY popi x reef whereas the last litter had some more variables - interesting to watch and assess :)

A lovely day and great fun :) Thankyou to everyone who kept the house running, the dogs at DD and the classes this evening. You do a fab job - you all know who you are xxxxx