Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

why 10 or 11? when are they due?

A couple of people have asked me why 10 or 11 and why on earth dont we know when they are due? Well its not that, its just that last time pops had the pups a day early and so we are kind of expecting the same, wrongly or rightly! Lets hope that is when they are born as we are at a show at the weekend and I have Tuesday off....we shall have to see about wednesday :)

Anyway off to the beach now, and then maybe some breakfast.....

Lauren and Popi xx

A week to go.....and still counting....

Pops is really puffy now, took her to the beach and to see Chel on Sunday and she lay on the pathment ecstatic to see Chel but shattered, she really is hot and huge so does not want to move around loads anymore. Very odd when she is usually such a forward member of our household, first up in the morning and playful all day :)

We shall see......

We hear another few names for pups....

Code and Boss

So some interesting names - cove, dubh, code and Boss

Cant wait to see what she has,

Lauren and Popi xx

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Saturday, 22 August 2009

10 or 11 days to go.......and counting

Can't believe they are due soooooo soon. Popi is huge but i'm not sure whether this is because of the pups or the fact that she is not as fit as she could be due to her long period of rest due to the injury she sustained in January.

I am really glad we decided to mate her, she really seems to enjoy all of the attention she gets, we have some lovely homes lined up and she is looking super sound at the mo, lets hope it stays that way and maybe we will be able to bring her back to work next year. She really misses working and we miss working her as she has the most attitude of any of our dogs!

Reef is really funny, he just keeps wandering up to her, nudging/licking her face and then wandering off. He reminds her he is still her toy boy, tall dark and handsome :)

One of the potential pup owners said they might call their pup cove in line with reefs sea life theme - how cute would that be :) And another called Dubh, pronounced Do, How nice would that be :)

Lets hope she has enough pups! And lets hope they are delivered into the world safely so they can go to these fab new homes...Her belly is moving lots now, it almost looks like there is a party going on in there - we will have to get a video!

Oh, and if you see me please save me newspapers, we don't have nearly enough :)

Speak soon,

Lauren and Popi xx

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Popi & Reef pups due 1st September!

Popi and Reef are going to be proud parents of our 2nd Devongem Litter - we can't wait to see the new pups:)