Tuesday, 30 November 2010

And then there was one......

The Devongem third editions are all settling into there new homes nicely. They are just the most fantastic homes and I feel so lucky that the pups are off to start their new lives with the most amazing people and all friends. I definately will continue to breed if the homes I get are as good as these - it gives me a lot of happiness seeing dogs that we have bred doing so well and making people so happy, it really makes it all worth it.

Anyway we still have little Rock, he certainly has a wild side and he is off with us to stretcholt tomorrow. he is just the craziest lil pup and I think Jon is going to have loads of fun with him.

Below is Spice at 7 weeks - I was watching earlier and thinking this pup is equally crazy. Spice is a lovely young adult dog and I am sure Rock will grow into the same.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The first red collie pup at Devongem....

Or is she ?? Sian really wanted a pup from our last Devongem litter but seeing as the two girls were snapped up immediately she unfortunately did not get one and so here is the first red Devongem red girlie....

Introducing Dash of Spice at Devongem we decided she had to be a Devongem :)

She is the sweetest pup and has the most amazing stride length. I am really pleased Sian has her from a good friend of ours Vicky Rose and dad is another friend of ours dogs too so really nice to know the family :) They are certainly not lacking in anything, I will add some videos in soon and she is certainly one of the nicest reds I have seen in terms of deep colour - gorgeous :)

Lauren and the Devongems - including the red one HA! x

Friday, 26 November 2010

Exciting Times....

A really fun filled few days, met Dish again when Jo came down to train at Newhall and Bowerlands, a very promising young dog who just LOVES his tugs, Ditto just gets cuter and Jo visits for the day and falls for Dare :) Lovely......oh and if that wasn't enough there may be some more Reef pups on the horizon - YUMMY XX

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010

Relocation, Relocation....

Will post on my training blog a little later re Reef/Pups/Pops and Relocation Relocation - what fun, Kirsty adored Reef awwwww how lovely :)


Have a look a little later if you get some time.....it was a great day.

Puppies have had a great day and are now settled - bless xx

The future is bright.....

Today was another fantastic day, great people, great dogs and methodology, strategies, visulaisation, analysis and decision making. The puppies had yet more cuddles and they are growing by the minute.

I also recieved two emails today asking for a Reef puppy - interestingly both emails were apologising about their inabilities as handlers and yet both sounded on paper like great homes. At the Devongem kennel I feel really lucky that some of the UKs VERY top handlers have chosen to have puppies from us -

Greg Derrett
David Munnings
Mark Laker
Karen Laker
David Alderson

All are working successfully in champ classes, two of the above have had silver FCI medals, competed at the European Opens there are individuals on the list who have won crufts, 4 of the above own AGILITY CHAMPIONS and have won individuals have won Olympia. I also have a pup from our own lines and have similar levels of success at qualifying for FCI world champs and Olympia on 3 occasions, however does that make me a worthy home?

I cannot say that I am not EXTREMELY proud to have been chosen to breed puppies for such amazing people, and we have only had 3 litters, however I do also have to say that is not a priority when homing a puppy. A good home comes first and although a lot of my puppies have gone to what I consider the TOP of the UK agility circuit I am just as happy to home a pup to a loving, caring and happy agility family. Food for thought -

Lauren Langman xx
Ps above - Devongem Did it again AKA Ditto, Bowerlands and our lovely day!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Rhyme and getting into a rhythm....

So he is a little monkey, learning how to go up and down the stairs, making his escape route out of the box and pushing the sheep strategically into the corner so he could climb out :) He also gets in anything and sleeps, I just have not managed to catch him on camera! His pet name is Rhyme and we are still waiting to see what his KC name will come back as. All of the pups have now been registered.

Feel free to pop in for a cuddle - we love having you all. The puppies are already excited about this weekends course analysis at Bowerlands as it means all day cuddle passes for the customers :)

Lauren http://www.devondogs.co.uk/

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A very LONG day....

Went for a whole days training 121 and it was just fab, decided to take Popi and pups too as always good for them to take a road trip and the new van (have I said how much I LOVE it?) for a journey too!

Pups were fantastic, took everything in their lil strides and played very happily once we arrived. Slept all the way and not a peep....I hope they behave like this when they go to their new homes. In the last litter Popi x Reef there was definately a more sensitive pup that we homed at 7 weeks that showed fairly early on whilst they were with us and I really tried hard to make sure we did everything possible to help them and allow them to adjust evenly, nothing major however as a responsible breeder you should be aware of this. This pup was sensitive to mood and to a degree noise, which is why I always choose to endorse litters as I think you need to be aware of the types you are breeding and how they will adjust in later life - however this litter really have no sensitive monkeys - they are full on and HARD WORK! They will not be for people who want an easy ride - madness! They tug like troopers, chase toys and pounce like mad things. It also shows you that you can never guarantee what you are going to get - this litter seem VERY popi x reef whereas the last litter had some more variables - interesting to watch and assess :)

A lovely day and great fun :) Thankyou to everyone who kept the house running, the dogs at DD and the classes this evening. You do a fab job - you all know who you are xxxxx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Visitors galore - these puppies just love life!!

Great few days - enough said :) Pup is Rock - Jons puppy - just edible :) xxxx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Oh how they grow....

These pups are fast, agile and WILD and they are only 3 weeks - I am worried!! I hope their new owners know what they are letting themselves in for. We have also had some fab visitors this week - my 11am workshop today, Karen Laker, Virginia Harry who is staying at Bowerlands and Dave Munnings. Exciting times :)

Below are - Rhyme, Rock, Ditto and Dare/Gem....Just edible :)

 Really love having the pups and they are certainly keeping us and our guests entertained!

Lauren xx

Friday, 5 November 2010

Devongem D names and ears

So we are now choosing names...the theme is DD (of course;) and so far we have...

Devongem Did it again
Devongem Ditto
Devongem Dare to stopper
Devongem Dark Side
Devongem Dante
Devongem Dontstopper
If you have any more suggestions post a comment or send me an email, we are regestering the pups on Tuesday :)

Secondly I find it really funny how everyone has such different taste :) Sooooo many people emailed, facebooked or told me how much they loved Tikis ears - Im a reef ear fan.....all individual I suppose :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tiki and Reef

Even with my cold today life is great - these pups are developing fast and are just divine :) xx