Sunday, 23 January 2011

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Well it is not Shakespeare, but close! And meaningful :)

I LOVE our dogs, I love what we do and I LOVE the new pups :)

Congrats to little Hoax who had her pups early - it was sad she lost the little boy pup but the three girl pups are stunning.

She has one Popi type dark girly, one Reef type girly and one GORGEOUSLY marked merlie girly. I cant wait to meet them.

On another note I have been looking at a friends pups when I have been up to stay - awwwwww - GORGEOUS - Reef, Coast and Tiki have been up with me and it has been lovely to take some time out and enjoy a good friends company and NO I am not tempted AT ALL by the little boy pup I am holding :)

Hope you are all well, here is to laughing :)

Lauren and the lovely Devongem pack xxxxx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

"A team is a team is a team." Red Devongem OFFICIAL....

What always suprises me is how quick people are to shoot you down rather than to praise you, but hey I understand that they all come around in the end, and the best part is I have become much more patient and have learnt to watch and wait, not all of the time, but better than before.

When I said Spice was the first red devongem quite a few people questionned me as to why? People not understanding why I suppose. Sian has been a fantastic young handler to teach, inspirational in her own way and patient. She is hard working and puts in the relationship training that is necessary to work a dog at top level. I am really hopeful for these two and for these reasons after Sian didnt get a puppy out of our Devongem litter as they were all spoken for, it seemed only just that we still had a Devongem. Spice is DASH OF SPICE AT DEVONGEM and is registered in Sians name so that she can compete with her in Grade 1 this season.

Another lovely team is Fern and Cove, Cove is a Devongem and he really does have a gorgeous relationship with Fern. I remember her looking at him as a tiny pup with the biggest grin on her face, they both obviously adore each other.

Lastly another inspirational team right now is Jan and Toby - boy you two could be fab :)

When you stop to take a breath and look around you in life it is all about team work :)

Well done to all the fantastic teams at DD :) In fact well done DD :) There.....I said it!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it" - (Act II, Scene IV).

I dont know what has happened lately but I cannot seem to tear myself away from Bowerland and life at the mo, I certainly agree with Shakespeare,
"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it" - (Act II, Scene IV).

I have had the pleasure of 7 Devongems in the last few weeks and I have to say it is lovely to see them so happy, 121s, bridle walks and puppy play. That is not even counting the Reef puppies - I have a 121 with Karens Spy this am, we are very lucky.

Below is Rock - Jon is doing a great job.

I hope to see you all soon, for those of you who have emailed me regarding puppy lists for 2012 woooooa I still think I am in 2010, I will speak to you really soon, we are just chasing our tail a little at the mo :)

Takecare and have a lovely day! I will do a more detailed blog soon,

Lauren x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Feel like a very proud breeder this week - I have had so much lovely feedback about our Devongems - and honest too! Below is Ditto -

Ditto was a really confident, pushy little puppy - just the sort I like. I really loved her attitude and type and I think it really shows in this video - good job DAN :)

Dave Munnings and I were speaking in the week and I love how responsible he is, we were chatting re breeding and discussed endorsements etc and I really like the fact that he is really positive about endorsing and only breeding from the best BCs, not just any BC. We discussed these pups, some have certainly been more confident than others and for me the confident mothers certainly have a good chance of passing this on to their offspring, whether through nature or nurture. I also like the fact that Dave, like myself agreed re not breeding from the wrong types, this breed is just too fantastic to ruin. I love my BCs but can certainly see why certain types may not be suitable for breed. Health tests are also a must and the overall aim is to produce the best possible pup for the loveliest owners - Frees list is just fantastic - I cant wait.

Saying that I have had a lovely week of thankyous - these Popi x Reef pups certainly seem to be charming their owners as they cant seem to thank me enough - crazy. I am proud of all of the pups but this last litter, probably because we are at Bowerlands, have to be the most exuberanyt! Eh Deb?

Above Rhyme and some socialisation :)

Lastly the first Devongem litter are out and about - we have one at G6, she has also been to Olympia at just two and tried out for WAO! Below is Devongem Dark Knight, he is Matts BC and we are so glad that we kept him!

Tiki (Devongem Cantstopper) and Riot are coming on well - looking forward to 2011 :)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year to all of the blog readers and the Devongem family :)

What a lovely year 2010 has been and roll on a new 2011. Puppies, Bowerlands, G7 status and more in 2010 so 2011 has a lot to live up to. Here is to having fun, no regrets, lovely customers, more lovely Devongems and some lovely Reef pups as both of Reefs new girlfriends are now in pup and confirmed so we have some Smoketrail and Dreamchart puppies on the way! What gorgeous affixes - and we are oping for a pup or two in Devon :)

I will leave you with an Oct/Nov training session video as it reminds us of the sunshine which we will hopefully see again in the not too distant future - it is only a short clip of Reef waiting his turn but it really makes me giggle, I remember worrying if I would ever harness my crazy squealing boy in the agility areas and I now look at him, off lead, enjoying a group session and off lead - and a daddy dog too :)

Lauren and all at the Devongem pack xxxxxx