Saturday, 22 January 2011

"A team is a team is a team." Red Devongem OFFICIAL....

What always suprises me is how quick people are to shoot you down rather than to praise you, but hey I understand that they all come around in the end, and the best part is I have become much more patient and have learnt to watch and wait, not all of the time, but better than before.

When I said Spice was the first red devongem quite a few people questionned me as to why? People not understanding why I suppose. Sian has been a fantastic young handler to teach, inspirational in her own way and patient. She is hard working and puts in the relationship training that is necessary to work a dog at top level. I am really hopeful for these two and for these reasons after Sian didnt get a puppy out of our Devongem litter as they were all spoken for, it seemed only just that we still had a Devongem. Spice is DASH OF SPICE AT DEVONGEM and is registered in Sians name so that she can compete with her in Grade 1 this season.

Another lovely team is Fern and Cove, Cove is a Devongem and he really does have a gorgeous relationship with Fern. I remember her looking at him as a tiny pup with the biggest grin on her face, they both obviously adore each other.

Lastly another inspirational team right now is Jan and Toby - boy you two could be fab :)

When you stop to take a breath and look around you in life it is all about team work :)

Well done to all the fantastic teams at DD :) In fact well done DD :) There.....I said it!