Monday, 28 July 2008


OMG they are busy pups! The boys in particular are growing fast, and I really think they will be quite big powerful dogs. The girls will be more like pops, they are smaller and finer but the boys will be bigger - so cool that you can see it all already!

They are all quite active and move a lot, they sound like small seagulls whenever pop feeds - awww nice to come home too. I trained all day yesterday, fab people, but still nice to come home at the end of the day especially when home is so nice :-)





Potch - sleepy girl


Friday, 25 July 2008

soooooooooo cute!


Jet- pup one

Tanzi - pup two (tri)

Rock - pup 3 (tri)

Onyx - pup 4

Potch:-)pup 5

Pink - pup 6

....are pups supposed to climb? rock and crew

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

OK.....time for family photos

So first eve is over thank god for that and all seem to be well :-)

There are six pups in total and all named after gemstones of course :-)

Girl 1 - BW - Jet
Girl 2 - Tri - Tanzanite (aka Tanzi)
Boy 3 - Tri - Rocky Mountain Ruby (aka Rock)
Boy 4 - BW - Onyx
Girl 5 - BW - Potch :-)
Girl 6 - BW - Pink Beryl (aka Pink)

Will send a pic of each pup asap but tis difficult as they are very noisey away from mum. Pop is desperate to keep them happy too so as soon as they squeak rushed to clean/feed them, what an attentive mum :-)

At present pups are in the whelp box in our room but will move into the spare room aka panic room in the next few days, we just want to be able to hear them as it is popi's first litter and also Devongems's first litter too :-)

AHHH :-) Lovely :-)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Number 6

Girl puppy, black & white x

Number 5

A black and white girl x

Number 4

Another boy, black & white with lovely markings xx

Piccies of first 3 pups

Number 3

It's a boy! It's a tri!

Number 2

.......and no 2 - both girls so far x

First one 360g and second one 260g

8.56 - First puppy

First one here. Very mini Popi :-) Same markings. Little Blaze x x

Monday, 21 July 2008

Pops digging lots today, but still playful as ever :-) Have attached a photo for you to see. She has also now declined to go for a walk, maybe it will be early??

Day 63 is weds so technically we still have a little while to go.

.........oh forgot to say, the excitement, kennel name came today, we got our second choice, Devongem and we will nickname all of the first litter gemstones :-) Lauren and Popi xx

Sunday, 20 July 2008

No panic.....yet!!

Have taken temp this am - the book says to do it two or three times a day now, poor popi, she is NOT impressed!!

Her temp is still normal though so no panic.....yet!!

When they are going to have the pups within the next 24hours their temp should drop by a degree :-)

Here are some pics of her on the bed this am, naughty princess popi :-) stomach is all wriggly....:-)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Panic Room!

Here is the lovely whelping room that was prepared this afternoon.

Naughty pop still MANIC :-)


Friday, 18 July 2008

......any day now!

Oh my god, less than a week to go....really quite scared now, in fact the book says they can give birth any time after 57-65 days so between now and next thurs/fri :)

Pics are from her little luxury weekend away at Sue's place, she loved it there and even took herself swimming, naughty pop pop those pups will have hypothermia!

She is definately slower, puffier and digging a lot, the only thing that panics me slightly is that she wants the car to be her den, eeeek, puppies born in the car!!

See you all soon, keep saving me newspaper xx

Fat but Fit!

Pops outline has changed quite a bit, as you can see. She is 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and really still looks very fit. I can't imagine that she has too many in there as she still isn't huge but we hope she has a few :-)
Seeing as it is her first litter it is all a real experience :-)

Friday, 11 July 2008

We like puppy pics :-)

Can't help wondering what these new pups are going to look like. Here are some pics of Popi and Fen when they were babies - bet the pups won't look anything like them hehe :-)


How weird is that??????

Weirdest thing ever - If you put your hand on Popi's tummy you can feel pups moving. Guess that's a good thing but very surreal.......Scary x

Princess Popi

Mum has come up today to do some catching up and 'work' hehe and she says pop has put on weight all over, oooops Lisa, she has even got a fatter face :-(


Trained reef this am and pop was desperate to have a go, she tried but i stopped her :-)

She had fish last night for dinner and really disliked it, so bailey ended up eating it all and she decided, as a princess, she should only have smoked salmon :-)

In the pics she is sitting with Bailey and, being a princess, she is allowed on the sofa, but the others arent really :) VERY BAD!

We are going away for the weekend to stay at Sue's but may have chance to send another blog at some point Sat.

Have a good weekend everyone xx

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Master criminal at work.....

Have been to the vets today, just to have popi checked over as we had a few questions but fingers crossed all is okay :-) We will have some results back in the next few days.

Popi is a real genius at stealing..... are some pics that show her this morning stealing the liver cake for the obedience classes that we are running at the hall....

naughty Popi, my poor house will have to cope with me cooking another batch of liver cake!

And reef insists it wasnt him and just sat back looking innocent - yeah right!

Am still singing Jack Johnson after Sun, I think Popi likes it hehe, she is very happy at the mo :) bless her and she keeps showing her tummy, she is also very very affectionate and wants cuddles all of the time, she will not stop trying to get close to us :-)

She is now weighing 19.2kg - she was 15.8kg beforehand so a little increase....eeek xxxx