Friday, 14 May 2010

What a cool few weeks.......

So we have had a couple of weeks at home and then decided to go to the GT UKA show and Vyne KC show on the Monday, no Reef as he pulled a toe but Coco (WCS) Jess (x breed medium) Bailey Champ UKA and G6 KC, and the pups TIKI (UKA 420mm as of her measure a few weeks ago) and Riot approx 470mm but still waiting for official measure as no one measuring on the Sunday.

What a FAB weekend in terms of results
Bailey 1st UKA Champ SChase, 8th Vyne Olympia G6/7 Qualifier - My this dog has come on sooooo well!
Jess 1st Jumping, 4th Agility
Coco 1st Agility, 1st Jumping
Tiki 1st Beg Scahse :) :)

So over the weekend we managed to qualify for
Coco - 1st Tugg-e-nuff Qualifier
Jess - 2nd Tugg-e-nuff qualifier
Coco Qualified for CSJ - AGAIN :) :) and I fell over!!
Tiki Qualified for the beg schase Final - ahhhhhh her first ever run!
Loads of club members also did just FAB!!

And then off to Tun Wells last weekend .... and they contimue the success :)
Reef 1st G5 Jumping his first G5 and a fab fab run :)
Reef 2nd G3-5 Jumping my I love this dog
Bailey 3rd G6 Agility
Bailey 8th KC Olympia Agility :)
Coco 1st G4/5 Jumping :)

Today I feel on top of the world, excited about the dogs, enjoying their successes and loving how successful the club members are :) I am also dead excited about Winter - we have a couple of litters planned :) :) Watch this space, Popi (Sept 2010), Freebie (Feb 2011) and Tiki well we shall see.....princess Tiki!

Also lovely to hear this weekend Devongem Crystal Method with a couple of places and Devongem Pitch Black winning into G4 and at Tunbridge Wells :) Such a big show....go the Devongems :)

Lauren xx

Friday, 7 May 2010