Thursday, 30 December 2010

Devongem Dante aka Rhyme comes to stay :)

It is always lovely to have the Lakers to stay but particularly when they also bring the lovely Devongem boys too, Devongem Dante and Devongem Crystal Method.

We are all really enjoying are Christmas break - we hope you are too.

Lauren xx

Monday, 27 December 2010

The cutest lil Devongems...

I really am so proud when I see lovely updates, pics and emails about the pups but these pics were just a little bit too special not to share. They are from are Devongem Mister Boss Man and Devongem Did it Again - a real wild child as you can see. These two are just gorgeous and I am really proud to have bred them and am over the moon with their wonderful homes - I am very lucky.

We have had a busy week - if you want to get out and train dont forget if you are close to Devon Dogs the barn at Newhall can be hired we are there alot but there are some free slots - it has been mad today and is mad again tomorrow and it is simply because we just cant train on this ground! So if you want to you are more than welcome, text or email me to arrange a time.


Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Devongems....

Snow is great for taking photos and videos - pain to train but lovely to see it hasn't stopped Linda :) I have been working with Linda via video links and on the phone and it is great - very clever!!

Here is just a fun video of Brooke and the frisbee - I love how agilie this little girl is - and great response to cue - no latency just DOWN!

From our side of things down on the farm at Bowerlands everything is fairly normal bar the fact we have to drain the pipes down every night outside, actually re-phrase that - DAD has to drain the pipes down - I know NOTHING! I have also filled my first bird feeder up - madness -what is happening to me - I feed the birds - I am like Mary Poppins! And then the bengal cat tries to catch them - oh dear.....

Below see the snow......

Above is Darleyfalls No Feer - daddy to our last two litters. He loves the snow and these apics are all taken on the local walk and our own fields that you can access from our land - heaven. Great news yesterday - Reef and Hoax are also expecting puppies - so 26th January keep an eye on FB! Right off to cook lunch now - I am learning about the rayburn - PATIENCE is the key :)

Lauren xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Devongem Mister Boss Man and Devongem Brooke Lightning

I am really lucky to be in close contact with Dave (who I am staying with over my Christmas Break) and Linda and get the privilege of working with their gorgeous pups - biased YES! I think they both look just fab for their age.

Puppy Rock is coming over for the day tomorrow and I get him for the whole day :) and the best bit he goes back at the end of the day as he is simply WILD!

Mum and Dad - Popi and Reef (Darleyfalls No Feer) are chilling in front of the fire and patting themselves on the back for a job well done - actually this is the photo that the Western Morning News were taking in the house EXCEPT they removed Pops out of it as Reef was more photogenic - CHEEK ;)

Hope you are having a good day :) Here are Bella 13yrs , Bailey 4yrs and Coast 13months at Bowerlands.

Lauren xx

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Socialisation and it is all go for the new owners.....

I am so pleased with the puppies new homes, all are people that want to do well yet their dogs come FIRST.

Below is Devongem Did It Again who has gone to live with Dan. This pup was stunningly pretty and has Brooke from the last litters attitude PLUS! She was just mad and I really enjoyed her. Below is a video of some of the things that Dan has been up to, just PERFECT. We have to balance social and lifeskills with health risks however I am really pleased that Dan has Ditto out and about coping with the ponies and even saying hello, meeting and greeting, clicker training, food work, sits and downs and hand touches recalling, sending to a toy with her head down low and running so fast and in such a co-ordinated way for one so young, well done Dan. She looks very happy and confident and you are doing a great job as are all of the new owners, these pups are just 7 weeks and look fab.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rock, Rhyme, Ditto and Dare have flown the nest....

The last 7 weeks have been awesome. I have had a really amazing time, tiring yet amazing. The pups have been simply fantastic, I can honestly say they are a real pleasure and certainly the most talented I have had in terms of real worky little attitudes at just 7 weeks.

The last pup leaves tomorrow and I am going to be sad but feel really happy with the stunning homes they have as all are going to people I enjoy and really admire so feel very content in knowing I will see happy bouncy pups in the future.

I would have kept any of these pups - even the tris :) :) so I really wish them every luck in their new homes and know that Karen, Jon, Mel and Dan will be having great fun. Although I will be sad when the last pup leaves I know I will also feel content in knowing that their new owners are over the moon with them.

Our next litter will hopefully be Mojo x Free in Feb and these pups will be just awesome. I am really hoping for some of them to go to customers so I get to train them. However in the mean time Reef (Darleyfalls No Feer) has been to a lovely Merlie girly as well as a gorgeous Black Tri with a blue eye :) Can't wait to see if they take and what they have :) If you want to go on either of these lists please contact me through the website. We didnt keep a pup from our current litter due to a good friend of mine telling me about a planned mating. I am so grateful as this litter will be STUNNING (they must be for me not to keep a Popi x Reef)  and I have just heard that our next puppy has hopefully been conceived ...... watch this space :) and keep your fingers crossed. We have everything crossed. Happy days!

Lauren and the devongem pack