Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rock, Rhyme, Ditto and Dare have flown the nest....

The last 7 weeks have been awesome. I have had a really amazing time, tiring yet amazing. The pups have been simply fantastic, I can honestly say they are a real pleasure and certainly the most talented I have had in terms of real worky little attitudes at just 7 weeks.

The last pup leaves tomorrow and I am going to be sad but feel really happy with the stunning homes they have as all are going to people I enjoy and really admire so feel very content in knowing I will see happy bouncy pups in the future.

I would have kept any of these pups - even the tris :) :) so I really wish them every luck in their new homes and know that Karen, Jon, Mel and Dan will be having great fun. Although I will be sad when the last pup leaves I know I will also feel content in knowing that their new owners are over the moon with them.

Our next litter will hopefully be Mojo x Free in Feb and these pups will be just awesome. I am really hoping for some of them to go to customers so I get to train them. However in the mean time Reef (Darleyfalls No Feer) has been to a lovely Merlie girly as well as a gorgeous Black Tri with a blue eye :) Can't wait to see if they take and what they have :) If you want to go on either of these lists please contact me through the website. We didnt keep a pup from our current litter due to a good friend of mine telling me about a planned mating. I am so grateful as this litter will be STUNNING (they must be for me not to keep a Popi x Reef)  and I have just heard that our next puppy has hopefully been conceived ...... watch this space :) and keep your fingers crossed. We have everything crossed. Happy days!

Lauren and the devongem pack