Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Devongem Mister Boss Man and Devongem Brooke Lightning

I am really lucky to be in close contact with Dave (who I am staying with over my Christmas Break) and Linda and get the privilege of working with their gorgeous pups - biased YES! I think they both look just fab for their age.

Puppy Rock is coming over for the day tomorrow and I get him for the whole day :) and the best bit he goes back at the end of the day as he is simply WILD!

Mum and Dad - Popi and Reef (Darleyfalls No Feer) are chilling in front of the fire and patting themselves on the back for a job well done - actually this is the photo that the Western Morning News were taking in the house EXCEPT they removed Pops out of it as Reef was more photogenic - CHEEK ;)

Hope you are having a good day :) Here are Bella 13yrs , Bailey 4yrs and Coast 13months at Bowerlands.

Lauren xx