Thursday, 22 July 2010

Clover & Reef Puppies - 6 weeks, 2 days

The puppies are looking fab! The breeder of this litter is doing an amazing job - all pups are being crate trained, getting used to collar and leads and are having little trips in the car. They have been so well socialised already - new owners are going to have a much easier job :)

Also in the video is mum Clover and big sister Molly, it's lovely to see how well they all interact. Reef has met the pups a couple of times and has been so sweet with them. Clover must have been doing a celebrity diet and fitness plan - you wouldn't know she gave birth just over 6 weeks ago, she looks brilliant.

All of these pups are going to lovely agility I get to see them all at training - should be fun!!!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Well what a week.....

I don't know quite how to deal with this week, it has just been too good to be true really. Lots of people believe in fate but I really do think that although luck plays a little part in our lives you really make your own luck and I feel priviledged and proud to be surrounded by my friends, family and my customers this week.

It all started on Friday - our new home is finally in the horizon, our house has exchanged and I really am over the moon. I feel so proud of my mum and dad for the emotional upheaval and year we have had however our amazing future is now within an arms reach - mum has been amazing - she really is just the most phenomenal person I could have in my life - I cant believ she is my mum :) :) Thankyou mum xxxxxxxx Newhall is still our main place of training and we will try to keep it this way as we like it there however our new home and hopefully holiday rentals will be based at the new house!! Watch this space!!

The dogs are going to love it, acres of land to run in, an outdoor and indoor training area and the moors just a stone throw away! They really are very lucky. Then again so are we!

I then went to a fab show at the weekend, shared company with some fantastic people and I certainly think the saying success breeds success was a good one for the weekend - Matt and I came away with 9 trophies (I counted our trophies since April of this year and there are 58 - yes 58!!!) Reef won his first Grade 6 agility beating his lady Popi :) :) I was amazed! Both Lesley Olden, Anthony Clarke and the impressive Mathew Rouse were all in the placings so we were very happy to lead that class and gain our first G6-7 WIN at our first G6 show. Clever Reef!I also had the pleasure of watching some fab people run - Lesley Olden won both of her other classes, Sue Howlett had a grade 3 win taking her to grade 4 and Lolly won her grade 3 jumping :) These have to be some of the best bits of training when you see it all come together - I really did enjoy the weekend. I also am in love with our new caravan, it is just so posh - wow could the week get any better?

Then on Monday Matt left to film some things with Dave Munnings, Dave is making a dvd and it is going to be exciting seeing his super pup on it Devongem Mister Boss Man! Dave and Matt seemed to make an excellent team on set and I cant wait to see the edit!Helene L then turns up at training with a bottle of Pimms - she is just the sweetest and dedicated customer - how kind - she brought it to thank us for all our hard work - I cant imagine the week can improve....

Puppies on Tuesday - YUM!

On Wednesday I went to see the gorgeous Paolo Nutini - special thanx to Alexis for taking my steeplechase with such enthusiasm, Deb for leading the obedience-you have amazing knowledge Deb, Fern and Melissa for supporting throughout the day and Sian for looking after the dogs in the evening - I really appreciated it - what a lovely way of spending an evening with friends - Paolo is very R Pat - I LOVE him :)

And on Thursday I think Garys comment made my day,
'Thankyou, that was.....very philosophical, and thought provoking, yes I mean it!' AMAZING !!

Plus we had far too many cakes for all the wins at the weekend - the Thorntons Chocolates are on a repeat order please - YUM!

And today, Matt arrives home :) I have trained from 7am - 2.30pm Shauna Lyons and Sue Quinney both fab trainers and fab people to instruct with G7 dogs - had time for puppy cuddles (thankyou for bringing the pups to Newhall Becky) and have had a great session with Tik, Coast and Reef and Tik has prooved to me today she is ready for competition - so roll on fab weeks!

Life is for embracing, loving and living - Thankyou to everyone who has helped make this week fantastico xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Reef & Clover Pups - 5 weeks 3 days old

Here are the latest pics of Reef and Clover's pups.

Reef just LOVES puppies :)

They are getting humungous!!!