Thursday, 22 July 2010

Clover & Reef Puppies - 6 weeks, 2 days

The puppies are looking fab! The breeder of this litter is doing an amazing job - all pups are being crate trained, getting used to collar and leads and are having little trips in the car. They have been so well socialised already - new owners are going to have a much easier job :)

Also in the video is mum Clover and big sister Molly, it's lovely to see how well they all interact. Reef has met the pups a couple of times and has been so sweet with them. Clover must have been doing a celebrity diet and fitness plan - you wouldn't know she gave birth just over 6 weeks ago, she looks brilliant.

All of these pups are going to lovely agility I get to see them all at training - should be fun!!!!