Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lovely 'Free' x Reef Babies

We have decided that Free just disagrees with the text books right from mating day to the mating to the birth. She shocked us by having them 6 days early, and Matt also shocked me by being the best Mid husband ever.

Free has four lovely pups, all fairly classic and nicely marked. She has two girls and two boys and I am pretty certain that three out of the four are staying with some FANTASTIC Devon Dogs Clients so I am over the moon.

Below is Reef, Free and our last bunch of puppy cuddles and visitors last year :) We do love having our puppies.

I will really need some newspaper ASAP :) PLEASE help - drop it to my van anytime!

If you would like a visit for a cuddle let us know and we will let you know when and also if you are considering a future Devongem puppy we do have a second litter expected in November as we were unsure whether Free would have enough pups so please do contact us to see if you would be a suitable home for one of these gorgeous pups. We do have a list but things are always changing!

Hope to see you all soon,

Lauren x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

One week to go...

We are really looking forward to having puppies at Bowerland again. Thankyou all for your enquiries. Frees' pups are pretty much spoken for but Poppy has some flexibility in her list so feel free to enquire for this litter or Poppy x Reef will probably repeat in 18months/2 years and Free x Jacquis choice of dog next year.

Free is enjoying all of her food and extra fuss. It is really funny in the last week of pregnancy the bitches seem to have this calm look of knowldge in their eyes and seem to sleep and rest a little more. Free still wants all of her walks though and I tried to leave her in the stables yesterday whilst letting out the young dogs and guest dogs at Bowerland and she was not having any of it. So normal walks it is!

I will keep you all updated on Free and Poppys progress and we should know in a week or two through scan whether Poppy is in pup.

Lauren x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

“We are rarely proud when we are alone.”

It is great having so many people praising the Devongem pups lately and I have to say I am hearing them at every prizegiving, I am so proud.
Dont get me wrong, when you sell a puppy you know that the ownership is now gone however that does not stop you wanting them to do well and I have to say they have exceeded my expectations. Some are with experienced owners, others are with first time owners yet all are doing themselves and me very proud, I am happy for you all.

Matt winning two G5s easily at Gillingham, winning at KCI - you and Riot look fabulous xx
Fern and Cove G4 now and qualifying for every final under the sun lol :)
Linda and Brooke for winning a G5 at her first G5 show!
Dave and Boss for winning at KCI
Teresa and Zing - some fab places and speed!
Mist G5
Devo one win from G7 - awesome.
Tiki Olympia, G5 and at KCI too and making me giggle ALOT!
Chilli - qualifying for semis and being a very very talented girlie!
Bandit easily winning into 7 and making Dave and Sharon laugh!

We are expecting some more pups shortly - lovely Freebie to Reef - The Free pups will be lovely! These are all very spoken for.

And also a very talented bitch Poppy was mated to Reef last week - I cannot wait for this litter, they will be very talented and I expect similar to the Popi x Reef for temperament and type. See pictures below. We will scan at 3 weeks.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Only two weeks to go.....

We are really looking forward to seeing free have her pups. I have had lots of enquiries
and as with all her litters we have a waiting list but even so things always change so do
feel free to contact us.

Reef has also just been mated to a friends bitch, a stunning kind tempered and well balanced
tri colour birch - we are keeping everything crossed for a litter from this stunning girly, her health, temperament and type is all perfect!! Pictures will follow shortly and we will be helping home this litter - they will be border collies and have a very good pedigree!

I hope some of you start to bring some newspapers to class - we have very little so far! If you do bring any drop it by the container - thankyou all so much in advance,

Lauren xxx