Saturday, 17 September 2011

One week to go...

We are really looking forward to having puppies at Bowerland again. Thankyou all for your enquiries. Frees' pups are pretty much spoken for but Poppy has some flexibility in her list so feel free to enquire for this litter or Poppy x Reef will probably repeat in 18months/2 years and Free x Jacquis choice of dog next year.

Free is enjoying all of her food and extra fuss. It is really funny in the last week of pregnancy the bitches seem to have this calm look of knowldge in their eyes and seem to sleep and rest a little more. Free still wants all of her walks though and I tried to leave her in the stables yesterday whilst letting out the young dogs and guest dogs at Bowerland and she was not having any of it. So normal walks it is!

I will keep you all updated on Free and Poppys progress and we should know in a week or two through scan whether Poppy is in pup.

Lauren x