Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lovely 'Free' x Reef Babies

We have decided that Free just disagrees with the text books right from mating day to the mating to the birth. She shocked us by having them 6 days early, and Matt also shocked me by being the best Mid husband ever.

Free has four lovely pups, all fairly classic and nicely marked. She has two girls and two boys and I am pretty certain that three out of the four are staying with some FANTASTIC Devon Dogs Clients so I am over the moon.

Below is Reef, Free and our last bunch of puppy cuddles and visitors last year :) We do love having our puppies.

I will really need some newspaper ASAP :) PLEASE help - drop it to my van anytime!

If you would like a visit for a cuddle let us know and we will let you know when and also if you are considering a future Devongem puppy we do have a second litter expected in November as we were unsure whether Free would have enough pups so please do contact us to see if you would be a suitable home for one of these gorgeous pups. We do have a list but things are always changing!

Hope to see you all soon,

Lauren x