Tuesday, 13 September 2011

“We are rarely proud when we are alone.”

It is great having so many people praising the Devongem pups lately and I have to say I am hearing them at every prizegiving, I am so proud.
Dont get me wrong, when you sell a puppy you know that the ownership is now gone however that does not stop you wanting them to do well and I have to say they have exceeded my expectations. Some are with experienced owners, others are with first time owners yet all are doing themselves and me very proud, I am happy for you all.

Matt winning two G5s easily at Gillingham, winning at KCI - you and Riot look fabulous xx
Fern and Cove G4 now and qualifying for every final under the sun lol :)
Linda and Brooke for winning a G5 at her first G5 show!
Dave and Boss for winning at KCI
Teresa and Zing - some fab places and speed!
Mist G5
Devo one win from G7 - awesome.
Tiki Olympia, G5 and at KCI too and making me giggle ALOT!
Chilli - qualifying for semis and being a very very talented girlie!
Bandit easily winning into 7 and making Dave and Sharon laugh!

We are expecting some more pups shortly - lovely Freebie to Reef - The Free pups will be lovely! These are all very spoken for.

And also a very talented bitch Poppy was mated to Reef last week - I cannot wait for this litter, they will be very talented and I expect similar to the Popi x Reef for temperament and type. See pictures below. We will scan at 3 weeks.