Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back from olympia, Wales and Pups

So back to the world of the computer.....and the STATIC CARAVAN!!Please someone find me a house...look at the newsletter for what we are looking for :) We have had a great week, Olympia was a shame but het my brain cant work well all the time can it :) Reef was a joy just a little faster than I expected and my head didnt work fast enough :) he is only grade 4 so if we plan well enough we may get another go :) Fingers crossed - he is an awesome dog to work. I just love him :) It was great to see Linda and Missie from Devon Dogs in the final - im sure she will be there in g6 next year :)
We had a lovely snowy Christmas - we went to a log cabin and spent it in the snow - knee deep - we couldnt leave the site all week, what a shame :) :) It had dog walks and we had everything we needed so a well earned rest for us and the dogs :) We will definately do
this again (thats if matts mum and my mum will help - they looked after Riot/Bailey/Popi/Freebie as the travel ldges/Ibis and Hotels in between will only take two dogs. Freebie has been having such a great time in Plymouth (joggers, skateboarders, bull mastiffs and staffies are all part of the janner fun ;) She is staying there for a little longer as we have so much to do here at the mo but is coming back mid January - great social time as she gets to do so many non farmy things there - very different to living at an equestrian centre/ farm :) Mum says she can stay for as long as we like but I really miss this little dog, she has such a big heart and is one of the loveliest dogs I have had, very uncomplicated and with a great attitude. I cant wait to have her back :) freebie xx
The pups are looking great, really WOW exactly the mating I wanted to produce nice agility pups - I love the videos their owners are posting and it is great to see them develop. We are waiting to see what they are like to see if we want to keep a pup from this repeat mating - it will be Popis last litter and we have lots of great potential homes lined up :) Reef may also go to Meg popis sister so we will look at these pups too and there is another bitch who has asked to use Reef, depending on what happens with Meg we may use him on her, she is a wow dog I just dont want to use him when i cant keep a pup as I think this line is special and should not get into the wrong hands, he really should work, he is not happy without a job. Im not saying he doesnt settle, he does, he just needs to be active at some point in the day and some people really dont seem to understand this :) A friend has recently had a litter from a completely different line of worky WSDS and has only homed one pup and they are 8 weeks old, this is not a situation we want to find ourselves in just because its nice to be fussy when they are as worky as this. Lets hope we can continue to be. If you are interested in a pup our pups go to great homes number one so although we have a list the home is most important and I am happy to put a great home above a number on the list...a friend in France will be having a pup this time and that is so much more important to me than any top agility home. She adores her dogs, understands them and has a really admirable relationship with them. I really miss her - xx Caroline :)
Im really excited, Im seeing Brooke and Chilli tomorrow as well as a new house.....will add some pics tomo :)
For those of you trying to contact me, my phone has died again, get hold of mum or matt if its urgent, if not I will be around next week when I have yet another new phone :)
Lauren xx

Cove story so far.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas day walk, Cove and the big dogs!

Cove is such a joy to own. Really one of the gang now.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day - another new camera - in Cornwall

Had lots of fun - no snow but lots of sunshine! Brooke almost got dragged into the waves so no photographs of the beginning of the walk. Just lots of play.

Friday, 25 December 2009

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Naughtiness takes brain power

A couple of little yips caught my attention in the living room and she was so blatant she stayed there despite the camera appearing and continued with her task. Good focus in the genes?

Monday, 14 December 2009

Wobbleboard Experience

Brooke is enjoying using the wobbleboard - this is her third session. Please ignore the comfy slippers and chav trousers!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunshine at last in Cornwall!

Beautiful weekend and the camera has been busy. Brooke is best friends with Missie and starting to explore the big world.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cove running with the pack!

Friday, 4 December 2009