Friday, 4 December 2009

Oh my god those pups are just lovely :)

Well i am biased but the more I hear and see of the pups the more I cant wait to repeat that mating or have one from chel and Meg....

They seem sooooo up for it! Cove was a dream at puppy class this week, I love seeing him so focused and willing. I have added some pics from before they went - just love the one of Dave and Boss - Dave seems really happy with him. I was so sad saying goodbye but speaking to owners that tell me all about them, train with us and give us so much feedback makes it all worth it : ) : )

We have been walking and training lots this week, i have a cold and it is COLD too....grrrrr!

We also heard this week that Bandit aka PINK from the last litter went to her first show last week at just 16mths of age and won all three of her classes - what a clever girlie :) her owners the aldersons are proud as punch :) I will hopefully upload a vid soon. Mark also says devo is well and he is a dream to work with loads of enthusiasm - I will upload some pics/vid of him too soon :)

Some pics of Tik, Free and Reef on a walk and pops too (I shouldnt have taken her though as she is lame again now.....grrr)

I may never work her again but at least we have her pups - makes it slightly better!