Saturday, 4 December 2010

Socialisation and it is all go for the new owners.....

I am so pleased with the puppies new homes, all are people that want to do well yet their dogs come FIRST.

Below is Devongem Did It Again who has gone to live with Dan. This pup was stunningly pretty and has Brooke from the last litters attitude PLUS! She was just mad and I really enjoyed her. Below is a video of some of the things that Dan has been up to, just PERFECT. We have to balance social and lifeskills with health risks however I am really pleased that Dan has Ditto out and about coping with the ponies and even saying hello, meeting and greeting, clicker training, food work, sits and downs and hand touches recalling, sending to a toy with her head down low and running so fast and in such a co-ordinated way for one so young, well done Dan. She looks very happy and confident and you are doing a great job as are all of the new owners, these pups are just 7 weeks and look fab.