Wednesday, 23 July 2008

OK.....time for family photos

So first eve is over thank god for that and all seem to be well :-)

There are six pups in total and all named after gemstones of course :-)

Girl 1 - BW - Jet
Girl 2 - Tri - Tanzanite (aka Tanzi)
Boy 3 - Tri - Rocky Mountain Ruby (aka Rock)
Boy 4 - BW - Onyx
Girl 5 - BW - Potch :-)
Girl 6 - BW - Pink Beryl (aka Pink)

Will send a pic of each pup asap but tis difficult as they are very noisey away from mum. Pop is desperate to keep them happy too so as soon as they squeak rushed to clean/feed them, what an attentive mum :-)

At present pups are in the whelp box in our room but will move into the spare room aka panic room in the next few days, we just want to be able to hear them as it is popi's first litter and also Devongems's first litter too :-)

AHHH :-) Lovely :-)