Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Master criminal at work.....

Have been to the vets today, just to have popi checked over as we had a few questions but fingers crossed all is okay :-) We will have some results back in the next few days.

Popi is a real genius at stealing..... are some pics that show her this morning stealing the liver cake for the obedience classes that we are running at the hall....

naughty Popi, my poor house will have to cope with me cooking another batch of liver cake!

And reef insists it wasnt him and just sat back looking innocent - yeah right!

Am still singing Jack Johnson after Sun, I think Popi likes it hehe, she is very happy at the mo :) bless her and she keeps showing her tummy, she is also very very affectionate and wants cuddles all of the time, she will not stop trying to get close to us :-)

She is now weighing 19.2kg - she was 15.8kg beforehand so a little increase....eeek xxxx