Sunday, 9 January 2011

Feel like a very proud breeder this week - I have had so much lovely feedback about our Devongems - and honest too! Below is Ditto -

Ditto was a really confident, pushy little puppy - just the sort I like. I really loved her attitude and type and I think it really shows in this video - good job DAN :)

Dave Munnings and I were speaking in the week and I love how responsible he is, we were chatting re breeding and discussed endorsements etc and I really like the fact that he is really positive about endorsing and only breeding from the best BCs, not just any BC. We discussed these pups, some have certainly been more confident than others and for me the confident mothers certainly have a good chance of passing this on to their offspring, whether through nature or nurture. I also like the fact that Dave, like myself agreed re not breeding from the wrong types, this breed is just too fantastic to ruin. I love my BCs but can certainly see why certain types may not be suitable for breed. Health tests are also a must and the overall aim is to produce the best possible pup for the loveliest owners - Frees list is just fantastic - I cant wait.

Saying that I have had a lovely week of thankyous - these Popi x Reef pups certainly seem to be charming their owners as they cant seem to thank me enough - crazy. I am proud of all of the pups but this last litter, probably because we are at Bowerlands, have to be the most exuberanyt! Eh Deb?

Above Rhyme and some socialisation :)

Lastly the first Devongem litter are out and about - we have one at G6, she has also been to Olympia at just two and tried out for WAO! Below is Devongem Dark Knight, he is Matts BC and we are so glad that we kept him!

Tiki (Devongem Cantstopper) and Riot are coming on well - looking forward to 2011 :)