Monday, 22 November 2010

The future is bright.....

Today was another fantastic day, great people, great dogs and methodology, strategies, visulaisation, analysis and decision making. The puppies had yet more cuddles and they are growing by the minute.

I also recieved two emails today asking for a Reef puppy - interestingly both emails were apologising about their inabilities as handlers and yet both sounded on paper like great homes. At the Devongem kennel I feel really lucky that some of the UKs VERY top handlers have chosen to have puppies from us -

Greg Derrett
David Munnings
Mark Laker
Karen Laker
David Alderson

All are working successfully in champ classes, two of the above have had silver FCI medals, competed at the European Opens there are individuals on the list who have won crufts, 4 of the above own AGILITY CHAMPIONS and have won individuals have won Olympia. I also have a pup from our own lines and have similar levels of success at qualifying for FCI world champs and Olympia on 3 occasions, however does that make me a worthy home?

I cannot say that I am not EXTREMELY proud to have been chosen to breed puppies for such amazing people, and we have only had 3 litters, however I do also have to say that is not a priority when homing a puppy. A good home comes first and although a lot of my puppies have gone to what I consider the TOP of the UK agility circuit I am just as happy to home a pup to a loving, caring and happy agility family. Food for thought -

Lauren Langman xx
Ps above - Devongem Did it again AKA Ditto, Bowerlands and our lovely day!