Wednesday, 6 August 2008


The last few days have been fun, pups are walking around a lot more and seem to have night vision ..... I have attached some photos taken with a powerful flash of the mad antics.

They are all growing and seem healthy although sound more and more like small seagulls everyday....sorry DAWN ;) ITS TRUE!

Lots of people have commented on how much they like one pup or another but shouldnt we love them all....hehe, no I HAVE MY FAVOURITE and I shouldnt but I cant help it! Im not telling anyway!

people are coming to look at them from the 14th to see which pup etc....That should be fun and I still cant believe we are going to go from 3 dogs to five hey ho, it will be an experience, life is for living :)

Lauren xx
Reef, being a dad seeing Fenn has left hehehe
ROCK stretching



This one's the biggest baby of all!!!