Monday, 27 October 2008

Riot and Tiki update - 13 weeks :)

Tiki likes to run......

Tiki doing a sphinx impression!

Tiki doing 'schutzhund man work' hehe somewhat illegally

Tiki likes to run a lot!!!

Tiki and Popi waiting for log fetching from the stable

Tiki herding

Riot and Popi

Riot - ahhhhh

Riot and Popi - wild!



Reef - bless xx

Reef, Bailey, Riot - isn't life fun!

Well what can i say, these two are certainly keeping us on our toes :) They are both great fun, but very different at the same time, Riot is very biddable yet headstrong if he really wants to do something, I took him to the big pet shop, pets at home and he arrived like a whirlwind, he did not know what to do with himself :) Nothing phased him bar a rather big, squeaky rubber chicken .....hmmmm! I then took Tiki in seperately for a similar experience, she is very different, much more girlie and very sweet trying to make every person in there talk to her! Again not much phased her but she was not sure about the fish tanks! She quite liked the idea of stalking the fish!

They are both confident on lead although would like to chase cars if you let them, and bikies etc etc, so we have tried to tackle this early on, we have been lucky and only had one car chaser and that is fairly well managed I'd say so lets hope these two are too!

They have been to the vets lets say once or twice and are quite happy there - in fact tiki made it her home for 5 days after she ate 2lb of grapes a week or so ago - blood tests are all back clear this morning so hooray no damamge but what a scare!

Cats - now hmmm - cats are nice - chase , chase, chase......still need to tackle that one - we need a bruiser cat!

Food - they love theire food, weighed Riot yesterday and he is 9.6 kg!! OMG!! Will weight tiki as soon as i can keep her bottom still on the scales. Asnyway, we are really happy with them, popi still cant quite get over how much fun they are, reef cant get over the fact they want to play with him and Bailey cant get over the fact that they are still here, why? :)

Thankyou to everyone who is giving us help with turning them into sociable little pups - Pat and the shepherd (Talli) :) Lisa allowing us into the house to play, Teresa and Gary, sarah and charlie jess Ollie and everyone else who is giving a hand along the way, what fun!

See you all soon,

Lauren , Matt and pack x