Friday, 2 October 2009

Pairs report


We have just read the pairs report from the other weekend :)

By Gemma Hanekom
The ‘Sew What’ pairs final promised to be a fast and exciting event and it certainly turned out that way.

I designed a course that should flow but be technical enough to present a few challenges and I was really happy with how it ran.

Faults convert to time in this competition, so five faults becomes five seconds to add.

First up we had the small/ medium mix pairs. They made the course look simple, but would any of them be fast enough to win? Our best small pair was Jane Tatum with her partner Sandra Milner who ran in 45.589 seconds.

Sarah Crouch and Rebekah Fallon were our first Standard pair, they in 42.316. Next clears came from Bridgette Wyre and Ann Button in but not fast enough to snatch the lead.

Shaun Hunt and his fiancée Tace Allen stepped into the ring. Poor Tace was suffering with her jaw after an accident, so fingers were crossed that Oakley was going to be kind. Shaun took the Agility section with his young dog ‘Phix’, fantastic clean run, fantastic dog, definitely one to watch for the future. Oakley shot of the startline, and with Tace guiding, they finished fast and clear in 41.314 to take the lead.

Another good run, from Jenny Willis and Di Graves. But again, not quite quick enough to topple the top pairs. The penultimate pair were Matt Rouse and Lauren Langman, Matt completed the course with easy to judge quick release contacts and his dog Bailey seems to be faster every time I see him! Lauren then set off with Reef who just ate up the course, this dog has an immense stride and lots of power. They crossed the line in 39.831, taking the lead spot!

Just one pair left, experienced competitors Mark & Jane Powell, They looked on for a great run until Trigga just flicked away from Mark at the end of the Agility run taking an extra jump.

Thank you competitors for attacking the course and really making it an enjoyable final to watch. Thanks to Sew What Embroidery for the sponsorship and to Thatcham DTC and UKA for hosting.

Lauren Langman
Matthew Rouse

Tace Allen
Shaun Hunt

Sarah Crouch
Rebekah Fallon


Pictures courtesy of Ric Yates Photography