Friday, 27 November 2009

It has been ages....

No time to post - we have been so busy :)

Pleased all the pups are so happy - we are really lucky that they all went to such experienced agility homes and that we will get to see them alot. I speak to Dave every few days I supose and he updates me on Boss and gossips....of course what else do you expect ;) I see Cove daily and he is turning into a fab puppy, lovely even temper, balanced and sweet with it too and yet plays like a wild thing - Fern is doing a FAB job with him and his focus in pup class is to die for! Matt sees Zing daily and says he is coming on well and Brook and Chilli are both doing well I hear. It is lovely having pups but so hard to let them all go - next time I will just have to keep one!

Tiki and Riot are getting lots more training lately and we are both really enjoying them and their enthusiasm to work is just fab. We are starting weave training as they are now 15months so that should be exciting! They are really great dogs to own, a little wild at times but really wear their hearts on their sleeves and get mucked in (thankyou kelly)

Freebie, well what can I say - I havent really said much about this little girl but im so glad I have her. She makes me smile everyday and is a joy to own and live with. She is probably the easiest dog I own, reliable in sooooo many ways, gorgeous to live with and a real pleasure to spend time with. I am so grateful to have met such a happy go lucky little dog. She has a real crazy sheep dog eye at times and runs from the van and hits the deck flat like a sheep dyet tugs like a trooper when she plays and gets mucky with the rest of them. A real hardy little sheepdog type - and i feel lucky to own her. Her KC name is Laetare Curtain Call and I cant wait to see how she turns out. She is not necessarily the shape I would have picked for agility - she is much more boxey than Reef or Pops yet so far she can keep up with them and seems to have no hang ups in life, she just takes everything in her stride. We will probably mate her in the future and keep a pup from her - she is intended as a breed bitch and I would like to thank Jacqui Barron for breeding sch a lovely bitch - she is 7 months old now but it seems like I have had her in my life forever :) xx freebie :)

We will add some pics and vid as soon as we can find the video camera and camera - we have moved house and all is alittle crazy - thankyou to the puppy owners for adding pics of the gorgeous Pop x reef litter :)

Lauren :)