Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow, snow, snow....

Well the van was minus 12 this morning, thats just crazy.....

Training hasnt been too disrupted, we are lucky to have fairly accessible venues but this weather really musnt last long, Im kinda sat here with not a lot to do and so i end up doing lots of training, Tiki and Reef are pleased (and tired) and wish freebie was up but she is lapping the life of luxury in Plymouth. She is looking so good there, no recall issues or people dog hang ups - just a lovely dog. She will make a great breed bitch and also really hope to work her.

Looked at lots of the pups in the last week, four from the most recent litter and all of the first litter either up close or on vid and they really are just lovely :)

Seen some great houses too even in the snow, thankyou so much to all of my customers for sending them over - you have just been wow, keep sending them!

I have left my cameras in Plymouth so will have to add some photos later....or maybe some of the pup owners fancy adding some? Feel free guys xxxxxxx