Saturday, 24 April 2010

Training days, our dogs and location location location!

Top Riot - Devongem Dark Knight The other two are Devongem Zingcredible - Zing

I am Biased but I really think they are very handsome boys :)

Well we have had a great few weeks at shows - our first 3 shows of the year - 24 1st Places, 5 2nds :)

Wave Runners
Easter Celebration
We have definately achieved far more than we expected - training has definately paid off!
A few of our achievements -

Reef winning into Grade 5 at Easter Celebration
Bailey winning the Masters at UKA with Lauren
Tiki and Riot having their first ever training runs at shows
Coco qualifying for the CSJ Final (MIDI) with Lauren
Bailey qualifying for the CSJ final (STD) with Matt
Reef and Bailey Q for the pairs
Reef Q for the tug-e-nuff final (with Lauren)
Little Jess winning numerous classes

Not bad for our first few shows :)
Pups are all doing GRAND :) Above is Devongem zingredible aka Zing - he
is just sooooo handsome :) Pups are all doing foundation and coming on great. Reef has also just sired his second litter to Meg - saw the pups this am and my there is a special boy in not telling which one :) I want him :) He has also just gone to another stunning bitch, a bit bigger than Meg and very pushy but sweet with it so we should have more pups in 5 weeks time :) :) I have decided not to have one as I am enjoying my Raq/Joker puppy - whose name changes each week - SNAP, Wist, Tad? Ideas? And I think I may have a litter at the end of the year from pops so would be silly to keep one from someone else instead of my golden girl :) plus a few good friends really would like another Devongem so cant resisit having one last litter :)

TV time for us too next week - Kirsty and Phil from tv are going to try and find us a house - we are really getting quiter despondent so cant wait to see if they come up with something :) We are being put up in a hotel for the week - how exciting and they want to film the dogs too - agggghhhhh!!
Hopefully we are off to a show at the weekend but it depends as Matt is manically busy with This busioness really has gone from strength to strength and it is lovely to be able to sell such fab products, take a look if you havent already and do pass on to your friends :) They can make almost anything :) If its not on the site just ask!

Anyway off to the field for a bit now - Tik and pops are doing some training - I
Forgot to mention Pop did her first show for two years and hadd a ball :)