Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Popi is in pup

Well we have had miss Popi scanned yesterday and she is in pup - really exciting. I am really going to enjoy this litter as we have all the others but particularly because it must be Popis last and we will have her speyed after this. We have mated her to Reef again as we are really pleased with the pups and decided we would repeat this mating.She will have another scan in two weeks and then pups are due 10-14th October. We have some really lovely homes lined up and are hopeful that it will be as nice an experience as it has been in the past. Especially now we will be moving to Bowerlands so the pups will have a real farm style upbringing :) See and there are slide shows of Bowerlands, Reef and the Devongem puppies as well as Popi with her last litter and also videos of Popi working - I will upload some from this year too as she has really been on form winning lots of Grade 7 classes and beating some much younger dogs!

We also have a training blog now where we will be updating you all on training news, our own dogs progress and achievements and boy have they been talented this year :) :) I have this week along with Fern and Sian packed 87 trophies so far this year and no sooner are they packed away when another arrives from the Olympia semis, clever dogs :)

Lauren and the Devongem Border Collies