Friday, 11 February 2011

"But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"

Some dogs really wear their hearts on their sleeves, I am not revealing who, how and when however it is noticable. What a credit to those dogs and thier owners, gorgeous.

An exciting time here at the Devongem Kennel - Fiji is coming home. I am really excited about having a gorgeous pup, I really can't believe I am allowed to have her, I loved her at two days old, she was the one, that pulled my heart strings, a very exciting prospect - I have always wanted a perfectly marked BC with an easy going way - lets hope she is as she seems - I am sure she will be.

Below is Devongem Dante

 And here is one of the new Dreamchart Reef x Chase pups - I am hoping to see one or two in Devon :)

Have a lovely weekend,

Lauren xx