Sunday, 28 August 2011

Reef x Free litter hopefully coming soon....

We have had a positive scan for Reef x Free - I so so so so can't wait to have a pup for a very special customer or two - I am keeping everything absolutely crossed! They are due the last weekend of September so no shows for us as we will be hanging around Bowerland eagerly awaiting a new arrival or two.

I find this so exciting and if all turns out okay we hope to have another litter in a years time. I do not breed often but really to keep our line going and in the hands of great people. We hope for a bitch in this letter to go to a breed home so we can see this fantastic line continuing if health and temperament tests are good.

The Devongems have been doing oh so well :) Popi had a 3rd in the Agility Club Champ Final narrowly missing the ticket, Brooke, Riot and Tiki Dee have all gone into G5, Cove was in the DIN final, Mist was in the KCI Novice Cup, Devo is one win off G7 Mark tells me, Chilli is looking lovely and Zing has started his KC comps, and the honary Devongems spics and coast have started competing  - Spice won her first SC and Coast had a 2nd and 3rd with his first two clears :) Get you guys :) I am way too proud :) I am so proud of Reef and Mrs Pops - great pups even if I do say so myself :) And handsome to boot :)