Sunday, 6 March 2011

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

I am definately proud of the pups progress :) It is lovely having litters with some great owners who love their pups and the best bit has to be the pleasure of training some of these guys :) I honestly love that bit. Above is Brooke and below is Rock. Fern was at Stretcholt with Cove too and I have also seen Rhyme at Bowerland and Newhall and Ditto too - Dan is hoping to bring her to Bowerland too sometime to work on play and motivation - NOT that she needs it she is MAD! She is definately the most confident pup I have bred! Zing is now weaving and Devo was down last week looking very grown up - Mark is aiming high this year.

Below is Brooke jumping full height - she is so pretty - a perfect mix of Popi and Reef.

Finally a picture from Lesley Huggins of Rock playing :) You are doing a fab job Jon :) I am lucky to see Rock 4/5 times a week - from puppy class to him having a family visit - thankyou Jon - it is a pleasure.