Sunday, 13 March 2011

Whatever you are, be a good one - Abraham Lincoln

If only someone could tell Fiji this!

Photo by Lesley Huggins

I am in love with this pup, mainly because she is just the prettiest thing alive (I AM NOT BIASED) and she has fitted in really nicely except for her cat fettish - the cats think she is hilarious, she thinks the cats are sheep!

The other Devongems are working hard at the moment and Spring is in the air and I have to say everyone is feeling rather positive. The Devongem HQ are really coming together.

On another note we are having Susan Garrett coming to stay - oh we have our work cut out here, it is a hive of activity and we are constantly trying to improve Bowerland.

Hoping that you are all having a lovely start to the Spring,

Lauren x