Thursday, 3 September 2009

All systems go.....

Its been a bit crazy to say the least, house sold, training, dogs being rehomed (through us for other people) looking for new house, looking for rented accommodation AHHHHHHHHH, homing some chickens? Anyone want seems silly to try to take them.....Anyway pups are FAB, very noisey - blame REEF!! We have one pup with back dew claws so a trip to the vet tomorrow :( to have them off.....Auntie pat with the gorgeous dooley dog is taking them.....and also Popi but only the little pup with dew claws will be looked at inside and have claws snipped off :(

Sorry if I havent mailed/text you back, especially the potential puppy owners, I really am hectic but we should be better after much to do so little time. If i forget please mail me, you know what im like :) Scatty xx

Lauren and Popi xx

ps new pics will be added as soon as I take some :) yes dave, moan, moan, moan :)