Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Pups, houses, training and all systems go......

They are all so even this time.....

Flash - puppy one, the flashiest puppy is heaviest where as the little girl Tinker according to Linda (slightly more white on her) is smallest but only by grams. They are all around the 370g mark which is bigger than our last litter, so they look pretty healthy pups!

They had a couple of visitors yesterday - pops friends of course and Popi just adores people coming to tell her how clever she is :)

We had a training session at hoe yesterday - what a lovely evening - shame that the sunshine will be going soon and we will have dark evenings - I love training at home :)

Oooooh and best news - we have accepted an offer on the house, we have had quite a few offers but turned them down for various reasons, too low, people not in a position to move quickly etc however it seems quite positive and the house has only been on the market a few weeks :)

If Daves lucky his pup could be a travelling pup with us - we may need to move into rented accom in between finding the right property - gipsy puppy eh dave? As we will be keeping Boss a little longer whilst Dave is instructing in Canada - Devongem Mister Boss Man :)

Lauren and Popi xx