Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A puppy a day......MR Spot...

Ok, I am categorically NOT keeping a puppy!

i really do want a Reef pup and a reef harrjak type even better however the timing is all wrong, we are moving this month or next, if you have seen the house recently it has sale agreed and we are moving out once the sale goes through, where, I still dont know, but we are most DEF moving! I will most probably have one next year when the timing is better :) I am going to have such a collection :) Or maybe its matts turn?? Ah no, I want a reefie pup!

So if I was going to keep a pup I would pick mr spot.....why I dont know but he is bold, beautiful and really happy :)

So today my photos are all of mr spot.....tomorrow I will photo another pup so that for the next five days we try to do a pup feature (may be awkward over honiton/dd show weekend but hey we shall but try )

Lauren xx